Monday, September 12, 2011


So blogger have this new blogging interface. Here i am, surface out to this world after a very looong pause. Don't mind that instagram post below. I was just testing out, apparently it looked shitty with all those humungous typeface.

At this hour i should be working my ass off for a deadline, but damn i miss my time, me time and doing all the shits that i wanted to do. I am not burn out yet, i am still burning but not fiercely, but burning. Burning in a way that i hate the flame, one day, soon the fire will fade and stop. Maybe is just the way i manage my time, i can't seem to focus well. Tons of thoughts going through my head like radiowaves, too bad is not radioactive. If i am a boombox, the wall will crack. Not because of the volume but the underlying demure little screech. YAWWAOYRAOWWA)R&!Not that modest.

I think i am loosing it. The sense of being able to do anything. Is getting harder and harder to reach my epiphany. Haha.

Alright folks, back to work. I am going to nail this and have all the time in the world to start my own creations. BE it pointless or for the greater good. (mostly, pointless but meaningful for me.)

My new toy:

Wifly from Sparkfun.
Ordered from

Can't wait to try this out this weekend.

* Today, my grandma said i am just a "passerby" (by the street). I guess i can never be as close as her "flesh & bone" because we don't share the same 'ancestor' surname with grandpa. Is a chinese thing... you don't have to understand this and i don't understand this either. But i know i love her.

Is a complicated world. Fun to explore.

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